Let me introduce myself

Hi! I’m Darby, the founder of
Sunflower Mindset Life Coaching Services.

I’m a happy and optimistic cheerleader and encourager! A licensed VA teacher and mom of two. I have over a decade of teaching experience, building action plans and practicing mindfulness and grounding techniques.

My trials have been preparation and my sorrows have been shaped into a bigger story of healing and renewal and joy. Now I want to see you win and share my sunshine and sunflower mindset with you!

Let’s find the best plan for you!

What is the

“Sunflower Mindset”?

Having the “Sunflower Mindset” is about becoming successful by growing confidently in our abilities through a practiced, calm approach to obstacles and blockages, with nurturing gentle encouragement.

What types of goals

can I accomplish?

Tangibly my clients have found success in many areas. For some it’s an improved ability to focus or accomplishing their dream of public speaking. Some are looking for improved confidence in their personal life or career. There are so many areas we can focus on, but success to me is when a client begins to trust their inner voice and improves their ability to use it confidently.

Throughout the process I am available to provide nurturing, caring support and encouragement, as well as objective listening to help you interrogate what has blocked you from success in life so far!

What others are saying

Where do I even begin?! Darby has given me the tools to feel more confident, love myself like I’ve never loved myself before, and helped me learn so many things about myself. But most of all she gave me a safe space to talk about my struggles. She listened, we cried, and we made an action plan to move forward. Working with her is the best decision I’ve made!


Darby Christian has been a saving grace in my life. Since I’ve been using her services, I have broke down lots of boundaries, overcome great disappointments and have stayed on track building and crushing my goals. She is a great listener, motivator and has the skill sets to push you through to a better you. Best decision I’ve made!

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